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Ronna - Executive Matchmaker Philippines
Ronna - Executive Matchmaker Philippines

Do you ever dream of being in an exciting relationship with someone from the enchanting Philippine islands? We can make that dream happen for you.

With Love International and the AFA Network, finding love is possible no matter the distance. Our company is the only truly global, high end matchmaking service provider, and has been since 1995. Our roster of elite professional matchmakers is committed to helping you find your perfect match no matter where you are.

But it isn’t just our team of highly experienced and dedicated matchmakers, some of whom are featured here, who are working to find you your perfect match. Behind them is a one-of-a-kind infrastructure with hundreds of staff members spread across nearly 20 countries around the world.

It is this incredible network of personnel and resources, built over more than 26 years, that makes us the most effective and successful company at bridging men and women all around the world.

There is no other choice when it comes to luxury matchmaking services. Love International’s success happens by making your journey a success.

Give us a call and let us help you with your Philippines love story.

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